How Do We Treat?

Osteopaths pride themselves on their expertise in using hands-on techniques. Our treatment methods, addressing a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints, are considered some of the safest and most gentle forms of complementary therapies available.


A typical consultation includes the taking of a comprehensive case history, a thorough examination, followed by hands-on treatment. All techniques aim to restore movement to areas of the body identified as being tight or restricted in movement. This enables the body to function at its optimal level which in turn allows healing to occur quickly.


Consistent with our whole person philosophy, advice for further management of your condition, including stretches, ergonomics, posture, rehabilitative exercises and nutrition may also be incorporated into a consultation to ensure that the condition is addressed thoroughly.


Osteopathy is suitable for treating people of all age groups. This includes newborn babies, children, teenagers, pregnant women, adults, the elderly, athletes, tradesmen and more.


We use a wide range of gentle treatment techniques including:


Soft tissue massage and stretching techniques


Articulation/mobilisation techniques

the movement of joints through their range of motion in order to restore function.


High Velocity Low Amplitude techniques (HVLA)

the technical term for manipulation, whereby the Osteopath uses a gentle method of maintaining precise positioning of a joint, followed by a mild thrust action.


Muscle Energy techniques (MET)

In which tight muscles are gently released by alternately being stretched and made to work against resistance. This helps to restore function to the muscles and surrounding joint structures.


Counter-Strain Techniques

in which a release of restriction is achieved by the placement of the affected joint or muscle in a position of comfort, while applying a ‘counter’ stretch to the antagonists of the tight muscles.


Functional Techniques

whereby the dysfunctional joint is placed into its preferred resting position, allowing a gentle release of the joint to occur.


Osteopathy in the Cranial Field/ Biodynamic Approach

gentle release of all structures using the fluid forces of the body.